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This site is for sharing news and tips about SharePoint and related technologies. If you know what you are looking for, head to Resources or type your query in the search box. For the latest published news and articles, visit the Blog.

Please note (disclaimer):¬†This site is for information purposes only. No warranties or guarantees are made regarding accuracy of its content or links to external sites. Use at your own risk.¬† And it does not come with unlimited free support. Comments remain open to anyone and I’ll answer questions where possible. But if you get completely stuck or are new to SharePoint, this is not the way to start. Head over to Services to see if we can help with your project

Who is the site for?

Anyone who wants to find out about what SharePoint and friends can and cannot do. Content is focused on what’s possible ‘out of the box’ or with minimal customisation, targeting business and IT/project teams responsible for evaluating or getting the most out of SharePoint. Some business value and strategic-focused posts may also make it onto this site if specific to SharePoint, but they are mostly posted over at Joining Dots

Why isn’t this site running on SharePoint?

An excellent question, it is wise to use the products you talk about. SharePoint software is designed for groups and organisations. This is an individual web site with a few pages and a blog. It’s using WordPress as the platform. Contrary to what the fan club might say, SharePoint is not the answer to everything! This site takes an unbiased look at what it can and cannot do…

…on the other hand, Services include an extranet that does run on SharePoint (Office 365) 8-)

SharePoint Trivia

The first two versions of SharePoint were known as SharePoint Portal Server, shortened to SPS. The third version was called MOSS (short for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server). Since 2010, it has dropped the Office tag and is simply called SharePoint (at last!). However, some people may also refer to SharePoint Online as Office 365. Office 365 also includes a set of services, of which SharePoint is just one

The pictures on the home page and here are of lake Tahoe, the first codename for SharePoint. The lesser known 2nd and 3rd versions were Matrix and Helix. Both disappeared when SharePoint joined Office and its duller codenames: Office 11 (SPS 2003), 12 (MOSS 2007), 14 (SP 2010) etc. No 13 – someone was superstitious ;-)